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Official tumblr for the NYC branch of the Workers International League. The WIL stands in complete political solidarity with the International Marxist Tendency.

The Workers International League is an organization born in the internet age, and is excited by every new technology. However, the internet can only play the limited role of helping us proliferate in an age of increased dependence on the virtual. Comrades meet face-to-face weekly. If you are serious about struggling for the socialist transformation of society, meet us. If you are in NYC and would like to attend one of our meetings email us. If you are elsewhere please use the contact us page on the Socialist Appeal website.

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Stalin knew that having betrayed the Revolution, he needed to eliminate those who defended and embodied the ideas of Bolshevism and world revolution. First and foremost this fell to Leon Trotsky, who had been driven into exile some eleven years earlier. All the resources of the Russian state were now set in motion to carry out his assassination. Before long, Stalin had murdered several of Trotsky’s co-workers, seven of his secretaries, and four of his children – the latest being his son Leon Sedov in early 1938.

Rob Sewell, Leon Trotsky: the man and his ideas

Today marks the anniversary of Leon Trotsky’s assassination. Struck down 72 years ago by an ice-pick to the head from a cowardly Stalinist assassin, he soon fell into a coma and died the following day, 21st August 1940.